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Princess Diana


Diana Frances Spencer,was born July 1, 1961 to John & Frances Spencer. Diana became a public figure when she became the first wife of Charles, Prince of Wales. They were married on the 29th of July, 1981, making her a part of the British Royal Family.

Charity Work: While settling into her role in the Royal family, Diana discovered she had an interest in serious illness & health related matters. So she wanted to focus her charity on working with the homeless, youth, drug addicts, and the elderly. She was the President of the Great Ormond Street Hospitol for Children, the Royal Marsden Hospital, and was a patron of the Centrepoint (homeless charity), English National Ballet, Leprosy Mission and National Aids Trust.

Prince William Arthur Philip Louis, Duke of Cambridge was born June 21,1982. Their second son, Henry Charles Albert David, Prince of Wales was born September 15, 1984.

The Unexpected... On August 31, 1997, Diana was fatally injured in a car crash in the Pont de l'Alma road tunnel in Paris. The sudden and unexpected death of an extraordinarily popular royal figure brought woldwide mourning. People around the world adored the Princess, and millions tuned in to watch her funeral persession, or paid their respects by leaving candles, personal cards, and flowers outside Kensington Place for months. Diana's funeral took place in Westminster Abbey on September 6, 1997.

Princess Diana & Prince Chales divorced August 28, 1996, after continued problems starting in 1991.


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