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Princess Diana

Princess Diana was the second youngest of five. She had a rough childhood when her mom left and ran away from marriage when Diana was only six years old. Princess Diana was homeschooled till the age of nine. She went to a girls health school in Kent and was consirded a poor student. At the age of sixteen she dropped out of school after failing her o-exams twice. Princess Diana acheived becoming the princess. Also giving birth to two kids who are now princes.

Fun Facts

1961-Born1967-Parents divorce 1977- Met Prince Charles1982 -Gives birth 1984 - Gives birth to second 1992-Announced Princess of whales1997 - Died in car crash

-Princess Diana droped ot of highschool twice. -Gave birth to two princes. -Princess Diana was given the name princess of whales. -Princess Diana married prince Charles on July 19,1981.-Princess Diana died in a car crash.

Lasting Impact

Princess Diana visited land mine victims in 1997 to help them out.


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