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Princess Diana

Princess Diana was a very peaceful person.She was home- schooled until the age of nine. Then she started an all-girls boarding school but she dropped out of high school at 16. She failed an exam and didn't graduate high school. She did not go to college because she couldn't get the money. Princess Diana had four siblings, Sarah, Cynthia, John, and Charles.All have lived until now except John who died ten hours after birth. She was very poor as a kid and it was hard to live with five kids and limited resources.She ran away after failing her high school exam. One of her accomplishments was that she married the Prince of Wales Charles. She also visited homeless shelters to nurture the ill. Princess Diana was the Princess of Wales for over 15 years until her death on August 31st 1997. She died in a tragic car accident in Paris France. Her spirit lives on around the world.

Fun Facts

1961- Born July 1st1970- Starts boarding School.1977 - Drops out of High School1997 - Won Nobel Peace Prize1997 - Died on August 31st

She had many nicknames , "The English Rose", Princess Di, and the temple heart of sympathy.She faild her 0 level twice.Princess Diana was put into custody after attempting to run away.Princess Diana's grandmother was the "Lady-in-Waiting" to Prince Charles grandmother "Queen Mother".For her engagement she insisted in having a $41,400 ring.Princess Diana's wedding was broadcasted in 74 countries and was seen by 750 million people.She supported over 100 charities which won her the Nobel Peace Prize a few months after her death.

Lasting Impact

She donated 150 million dollars to an "Ban Landmines Worldwide" charity.


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