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Princess Diana

Diana Frances Spencer was not a princess when she was born, but she was in the family of the oldest and one of the most important families, the Spencers. She had two sisters named Sarah and Jane, and a little brother named Charles. She got married to the Prince Charles of Whales in 1981 and she explained it was a magical day. A year later, the couple gave birth to their first son, William. In 1985, Charles hoped that their next child would be a girl, but was devastated when he found out it was another boy. Afer years of conflicts and arguments, Diana and Charles were announced divorced in 1996. A year later, Diana and her friend were killed in a car crash in Paris. A few days later, her funeral and burial was held. She will always be a princess who changed all of our lives.


July 1, 1961 - Diana Frances Spencer is born. 1969- Diana's parents got divorcedJune 9, 1975- Diana becomes Lady Spencer.1979- Diana moves to London and begins to work as a kindergarden teacher.February 6, 1981- Prince Charles asked Diana to marry him.July 29, 1981- Diana and Charles get married at St. Paul's Cathedral.June 21, 1982- the couple's first son, William is born.September 15, 1984- The couple's second son, Harry is born.August 28, 1996- Charles and Diana's divorce becomes official.August 31, 1997- Diana are killed in a car crash in Paris.September 6, 1997- Diana's funeral and burial is held.

-A book called Diana: Her True Story was published in 1992.-Diana visited the first hospital ward for AIDS and got to shake hands with one of the patients.-Diana got to take a tour in Australia and New Zealend with Charles and William.-Diana appeared on lots of tv shows and interviews, including a candid interview on a British TV show called Panorama.-Diana auctioned her dresses at Christie's in New York and sold $3.26 million dollars for charity in 1997.

Lasting Impact

Princess Diana said that being in the "public eye" gave her the responsibility to make a difference in the world. She was a powerful figure. and a princess of the 20th century who the world will never forget.


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Princess Diana




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