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Princess Bride

As You Wish...

The Princess BrideBy: William Goldman

Personification- "The snow sand... strangling her."Irony- "This was after taxes. But everything is after taxes. Taxes were here even before stew."Similie- "Prince Humperdinck was like a barrel. His chest was a great barrel chest, his thighs great barrel thighs."

There are many examples of foreshadowing used in this book. One example is when William Goldman pronounces Westley's death.


The genre can fall into many different categories: satire, fiction, fantasy, and/or romance.


Make believe countries of Florin and Guilder


The novel, Princess Bride, is a story of love. It is a story about a beautiful girl named Buttercup and her poor farmboy love, Westley. Westley leaves Buttercup to go to American so he can find his fortune. He wishes to make money so he and Buttercup can get married.On his adventure to America Westley encounters many problems. Buttercup hears that Westley was killed by the Dread Pirate Roberts. After this news, the prince of Florin, Humperdinck , asks Buttercup to marry him. He wants to marry her to start a war between FLorin and Guilder so he can take over Guilder. However, Westley wasn't really dead and comes back to save Buttercup from three captors that Humperdinck hired to kill her and to frame Guilder soilders.The book is full of suspense and surprises as the story unfolds. Be sure to read it and enjoy the journey of Westley and Buttercups love story.

Examples of Figurative Language


Westley and Buttercup

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