Prince William Sound Earthquake

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Prince William Sound Earthquake

Prince William Sound, AlasksaIn 1964 March 28 UTC time on March 27 local time around 5:36 pm an earthquake started, At 9.2 magnitubes. The epicentere about 10km east of the mouth of college fiord, 90km west of valdez and 120km east of achorage. The earthquake lasted approxamatly 4 minutes and 38 seconds, One of the most powerful recorded megathrust earthquakes in US and North American history. The earthquake caused ocean floor shifts which created large tsunamies, 2 types of tsunamies were produced by this subduction eartquake. Property damage was about $311 million. In Prince William sound, port valdez sufferd a big underwater landslide resulting in the lives of 30 people between the collapse of valdez city harbour and docks, Large rockslides were also caused resulting in great property damage. There were hundreds of aftershocks in the first week following the main shock, and smaller aftershocks continued to strike the region for more than a year


Prince William Sound,Alaska

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