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Prince Henry

- He was born in 1394 as the third child to King John I.- He founded the Institute at Agres in 1418.- He was devoutly religious and intrigued by math and science. - He died in 1460, but explorations continued after his death.


1394 - Born1418 - Founded Institute at Sagres1424 to 1434 - Sent 15 expeditions south of the Cape of Bojador1427 - Azores were discovered1444 - 1st slaves to Portugal1460 - Died

-Founded the Institute at Sagres- Caravels, a new type of ship, was developed at Sagres- Started explorations around the Cape of Bojador- His expeditions reached Cape Blanc- Governor of the Order of Christ

Lasting Impact

Began the first major explorations of the world during his reign over Portugal.


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Use Your Compass, Prince Henry!



Primary Source

"The fifth reason was his great desire to make increase in the faith of our Lord Jesus Christ and to bring to him all the souls that should be saved—understanding that all the mystery of the Incarnation, Death, and Passion of our Lord Jesus Christ was for this sole end—namely the salvation of lost souls—whom the said Lord Infant by his travail and spending would fain bring into the true path."A clip from The Chronicle of Guinea by Gomes Eannes de Azura. This outlines one of the motives for Henry's exploration


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