[2015] Aditya Sivakumar: Prince Henry the Navigator

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[2015] Aditya Sivakumar: Prince Henry the Navigator

March 4, 1394

Prince Henry was born

1st January 1419 - 1st January 1420

Henry has 25 years old his father assign to him the province of Algavre and few month later the young prince became the chief of the rich and powerful order of Christ.

1st January 1434

Henry discovered and colonized Azora island.

1st Jan 1427 - 1st Jan 1430

November 13, 1948

He became the first explorer to sail past Cape Bojador.

Prince Henry dies

Prince Henry the Navigator

Henry the Navigator's discovery was considered important because the was the beginning step towards sailing to India

Five interesting facts about Prince Henry the navigator1. He is only famous for his expeditions11. Prince Henry was abandoned by some of his crew because they were scard of the Sea Of Monsters.111. He was the first to go through the Cape Bajador.1V. He was known as the first man who sailed in Gambia River of Africa.V.Prince Henry was famous as the navigator since he spent more of his life to map the west coast of Africa.

The country that sponsored Prince Henry was Portugal.

Henry the explorer actually discovered a way to navigate the Atlantic coast.

Prince Henry was originally looking for the Christian Kingdom of Prester John and find a way to Asia by sailing around Africa.

Prince Henry the Navigator was born on March 4, 1394. He died on November 13, 1460.The cause of his death is unknown.

This was his route.

This is how Prince Henry the Navigator looked like.



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