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Prince Escalus

Prince Escalus is a confident, mature, independent leader. He makes sure that everything is perfect in Verona. The prince tells The Capulets and The Montagues that if they continue to disturbe the peace they will be killed. This is used as foreshadowing because many of the characters die, but for differant reasons. Also, at the end of the play, he explains what happened between Romeo and Juliet and how they died to the Capulets anad the Montagues that lived. This is a very important part in the play.

Prince Escalus

Prince Escalus is Mercutio, Romeo's friend's, cousin.

Act 1, page 30, lines 89-91"If ever you disturb our streets again, your lives shall pay the forfeit of the peace." -Prince

Act 3, page 172, lines187-195"And for that offense, immediatetly we do exile him hence. I have an interest in your hates proceeding..."-Prince

Act 5, page 302, lines294-301"And here he writes that he did buy poison... came to this vault to die, and lie with Juliet..." -Prince

Playlist 1Favorite Songs Hall of Fame - The ScriptRespect - Aretha FranklinRoyals - LordMean - Taylor SwiftYou need me but I dont need you - Ed SheeranViva la Vida - Coldplay Stronger - Kelly ClarksonCount on Me - Bruno Mars

MeanThis song is about peple who are mean and wont get anywhere by being that way. The prince would listen to this song because he feels that the fighting between the Capulets and the Montagues is useless and isnt going to get them anywhere.

StrongerStronger is about a person who comes back and fights through bad times. The prince is strong and took control of the issue in Verona between Romeo and Juliet even though his couzin just died. This song would deffinetly be on his playlist.

Respect This songs tells the listener to respect people and have faith in them. Prince escalus wants people to respect him and listen to want he says.

You need me but I dont need youThis song is about being needed by someone but you need to let them go. You can servive without them. The prince is an indepentent person and knows what he is doing, but Verona would fall apart without him.

Viva la VidaViva la Vida is about a person who ruled the world. They had everything. The prince will be king of verona one day and will have all the power. That is why he would listen to this song. Because he will have power but he doesnt wnat to loose it.

Royals Royals by Lord is about not wanting to be like evryone else. Prince Escalus would have this song on his playlist because he is confident in himself and takes control.

Hall of FameHall of Fame by The Script is about wanting to be great and known by evryone. This song would be on the playlist because the prince is royalty and he is great but he could be even greater.

Count on MeThis song is about always being there to help. This would be on the Princes playlist becuase he is always ready to do whatever he can. He helps everyone in Verona and makes sure everyone is happy.


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