[2014] Noah614 (LoCelso Geography Pd4): Prince Albert Saskatchewan

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[2014] Noah614 (LoCelso Geography Pd4): Prince Albert Saskatchewan

The video above shows the Prince Albert Fair in 2014! If ever choosing to go to Prince Albert, make sure to check if the fair is there!

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Prince Albert

The Museum of Police and Corrections!

A picture from 1912, showing the firehouse.

Prince Albert is home to many museums. Although a main musuem, The Museum of Education, closed down quite sometime ago, there are so many more to enjoy.

The Northern Lights Casino!

A recent picture of the museum!

The museum shown above was built in 1888, and at one point was actually a building used by police. If you chose to go on a tour throught his fantastic building, you will see an onslaught of amazing police artifacts!

Prince Albert Historical MuseumLocated in a building that was designed and built in 1912, the building itself is a piece of history. Originally a fire house, it was converted into a museum in 1975. It now houses various artifacts, archives, and many hidtorical items.

The picture below is a picture of the Historical Museum, built in 1912.


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