Primer Part 4

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Primer Part 4

Primer Part 4

Christs love is one that doesn't fail and would sacrifice all under any circumstance. Christ reminds Taylor of this truth through his reply to Taylors cry out for repentance.

V is for Voyage

With each voyage was an opportunity to discover new land, people, money and ways for prosperity.

Taylor yearned for so much more after witnessing all her possessions burn to the floor.

Perseverance through faith was vital in many circumstances for survival. Faith proved to be DeVacas only solace when enduring pain at its fullest.

Wealth is revealed throughout early Amercian authors to have been a main motivation to explore. Even after gaining many riches, explorers seemed to go out again with the desire of still wanting more.

In order to have been a great explorer, much zeal was required. Passion was sometimes the only thing that kept these explorers adventuring.

U is for unfailing Redemptive love

W is for Wealth

X is for Xtra Perseverance.

Z is for Zealous

Y is for Yearning


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