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primary webquest

primary resources


INSTRUCTIONS 1. Search - Choose a topic from history (a war, time period, person, or event).2. Choose a National Resource- Click on any of the Big Five Links. Search your choice of topic from at least three links.3. Find a Primary artifact- Find a visual: photo, video, etc.- Find a print artifact: a diary, an interview, etc.- Find an audio: song, interview, etc.4. Site your source- Write the name and URL of the source that you use on the worksheet- Write one sentence that describes your artifact.

National Archives National Archives

Library of Congress

University of Oklahoma Digital Libraries

Celebrate Oklahoma

Oklahoma Heritage Online

The Oklahoman Archives

Federal Resources for Edu. Excellence

Smithsonian Institute

Digital Classroom

American Memory

Oklahoma Crossroads Documents &Images

Choose an Oklahoma Source1. Find on primary artifact that relates Oklahoma to your topic.2. Site this source as above.Reflect1. Do you understand the difference between primary and secondary resources?2. Why or why not?

Open the link and type your answers in the worksheet.


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