Primary Succession

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Cycles & Processes

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Primary Succession

Stage One When Primary Succession starts, there is no biotic factors living there. It looks boring with nothing to see.

Stage TwoIt all starts with lichens. What these do is it breaks down the rock and dead lichens and starts making new soil. Lichens are the first thing to be on that land, so those are called pioneer species.

Stage ThreeMany years later, the soil is deep enough for moss to grow, which then replaces the lichens. Also a few other species start to come, like insects. When they die, there bodies become part of the soil.

Stage FourAfter many more years, the soil has thickened, and the ferns and plants replace the moss. When the soil has multiplied greatly, tiny trees and bushes are able to grow.

Stage FiveFinally, after thousands of years later, the soil is deep enough to grow a forest! :)

Primary Succession


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