Primary and Secondary Education in Portugal

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Primary and Secondary Education in Portugal

Index variation in the number of students and teachers in Portugal (2000/01 - 2012/13)

Primary and secondary education in Portugal

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Total amount of students in schools in Portugal in 2012/13StudentsTotal: 1 758 636Preschool: 266 6661st Cycle: 440 3782nd Cycle: 252 6673rd Cycle: 400 478Secondary school: 398 447

Total amount of teachers in schools in Portugal in 2011/12TeachersPreschool: 17 139 1st Cycle: 30 2002nd Cycle: 26 8713rd Cycle and secondary school: 76 101

Students enrolled by type of institution and by level of education in Portugal (2000/01 and 2011/12)

Number of schools in Portugal2000/2001: 17 1412005/2006: 14 6182012/2013: 9 893Within 11 years the number of schools in Portugal dropped by almost 43%!

Population pyramid in Portugal (2000 and 2012)

The fertility rate decreased by almost 22% from 1.55 (2000) to 1.21 (2013).

Since the year 2001/2002, the total amount of student reduced continuously until 2005/06 (the lowest) and started to increase again reaching its peak in 2008/2009 (2 056 148) when it started to reduce again.

The total amount of teachers in the preschool has not varied significantly since 2000/01. In the 1st Cycle of primary school, however there was a continuous reduction in the amount of teachers since 2000/01 that represents an aggregate of a reduction of almost 8000 teachers. In the 2nd Cycle there was an increase from 2000 and 2004/05 followed by a continous reduction until 2011/12, representing an aggregate reduction of more than 8000 teachers since 2000. In the 3rd Cycle and in the secondary school the variation did not follow a sequential trend. It reached its peak in 2009/10 (91375) and since then a significant reduction was perceived reaching the lowest level in 2012/13 (76 101) and an aggregate reduction of almost 10000 teachers since 2000/01.

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Students enrolled in primary education, by study cycle in Portugal (2000/01 - 2012/13)

Students enrolled in secondary education, categorized by curriculum orientation and genre in Portugal – Young students (2000/01 - 2012/13)


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