Preventing The Great Depression

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Preventing The Great Depression

Americans borrowed money to buy household appliances and automobiles. The stock market is where people invested money. This is how companies raise money and begin to grow larger. When you share a stock you are buying part of the company. The person holding the shares can make the profits if the companies can make money or lose money if the companies are doing bad. October 24, 1929 the stock prices fell. 13 million shares were traded and 4 billion dollars droppped. People who invested their whole life savings were now bankrupt and banks/buisnesses were forced to close. But October 29 also known as Black Tuesday the stock market crashed. 14 billion dollars dropped. The wall Street Crash was caused by people borrowing more than they could afford to give back, people had taken out loans or invested in the stock market, The US president didn't take notice, Advertising ecouraged many people to spend more money, people thought share prices could only go up, and banks did not have enough money to help buisnesses in trouble. With the amout of people unemployed farmers' produce could not be sold even at the lowest prices


Roosevelt's New Deal involved helping people hurt by depression, to bring the U.S out of depression, and making changes for the better. In his first 100 day in office he lent money to banks, that money was insures, lent famers money, and controlled the prices of farm products. Farmers were paid to practice soil-conserving because of soil erosion. During the Great Depression the government supported the arts and employed artists,musicians, actors, etc. Then the Civilian Conservation Corps(CCC) was established for men 17 to 27 to work in national forests, parks, and federal lands. The peak in 1935 the CCC had 500,000 men. Also, in 1933 the Civil Works Administration that could employ up to 4 million people to build bridges, schools, hospitals, etc. Additionally, their funds went towards repairing highways and roads. 950 million dollars was authorized to continue C.W.A

Policy Analyst

Will Rogers- Born in Oklahoma 1879. Starred in 71 movies, Wrote 6 books, Started show buisness in South Africa in "Texas Jack's Wild West Show." During the Great Depression he talked about unemployment on a radion station.In the election of 1932 Roosevelt won by a landslide against Hoover. "Alphabet Soup" is an abbrieveation to explain the new deal.Eleanor Roosevelt- The first lady, Held meetings only women could attend, made a newspaper column named "My Day", gave lectures, traveled to parts of the country, pressed the cause of Black people, youth, poor, and unemployed, and gave americans hope.Lindbergh-Flew solo across the Atlantic ocean in a plane named "Spirit of Saint Louis" on May 20,1927.took him 33.5 hours and upon his return 4 million people waited for him in the streets of NYC. He had visited 92 cities in 49 states.



The Great Depression was a time in history when the stock market crashed. 50% of farms income fell and 25% of americans were unemployed. Many children went hungry and were not givin the proper attire for the winter. The drought didn't help much with the agriculture and neither did the dust storms that came. Due to the stopping of construction, many laborers were out of work along with some doctors and archeticts. No one's job was safe. The prices of food were so low because many people could no longer afford the food, so farmers were hit hard. Citizens were forced to leave their families and find work elsewhere. However, during this tragedy Hoover did almost nothing to help because he believed in 'rugged individualism' meaning people should be able to support themselves.



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