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profesinal athlete

Professional athletes are often employed by sports teams and leagues. These athletes usually work on a contract basis. This means they are paid a certain amount for a specific length of time. Sometimes this is a weekly rate, or a per season rate, while other times a multi-year contract may be signedposter yourself

Although the actual season for most professional sports only lasts for part of the year, often 3 or 4 months, athletes must keep in top physical condition all year long. During the season and pre-season, an athlete usually spends about 4 hours a day, 5 days a week on physical conditioning and practice. In addition, there may be team or individual strategy meetings. During the off season, some athletes cut down on their training and receive treatment for any injuries they may have suffered during the season. Others, however, take shorter vacation time and continue training in order to keep improving their skills. It requires a lot of hard work to stay competitive.poster yourself

Athletes train in gyms and on fields, courses, courts, or rinks, depending on the sport. In some sports, such as baseball, in which teams play over 140 games a season, players spend a lot of time away from their families and friends. Loneliness on the road is a common complaint from professional athletes at all levels. Furthermore, athletes may not be able to make it professionally in their own country and may have to move to another area, such as Europe, to find a place on a team. poster yourself

It is also important to remember that even those athletes who make it to the elite levels of their sport can usually only enjoy a few years at the highest salary levels. For example, the average span for players’ careers in the NBA is less than 4 years. For athletes who are cut by a team or suffer a career-ending injury, little compensation is available. poster yourself


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