Pretty is what Changes

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Pretty is what Changes

This book has many different settings. They include, in the hospital, the different houses Jessica stayed at, and her office at work. New York


Author: Jessica Queller

Book report

Name: Kayla Lis Date: 12/11/12

-Jessica & Danielle's mother dying of ovarian cancer.-Jessica testing positive.-Jessica writing a piece for the New York Times about her BRCA status.-Jessica's surgerys and recovery-Danielle testing positive.

Main Events

Jessica Queller (daughter)Stephanie Queller (mother)Danielle Queller (daughter)Bruce (Husband of Danielle)

Main Characters

Title: Pretty is what Changes



Did I like this book?

Jessica's mother dies of ovarian cancer. She then finds out she has the BRCA mutant gene. She doesn't know how to react. Her biological clock is ticking and she wants to have a baby before she removes her ovaries. She has not found a man to settle down with. Her older sister decides not to test for the gene until after she has a child. When she got tested she tested positive also.

Jessica decides to have a mastectomy even though she is scared.Afterwards, she is happy with how it turned out. Her sister went through the events with Jessica and decides to follow her footsteps because she knows how important it is to be healthy. Jessica meets a man but after a year they broke it off.

I enjoyed reading this book. I realize now how hard it must be to go through knowing you might inherit an illness and to take action and to stay strong during the events. I can relate to this book because my aunt had cancer. Even though she went through a lot she stayed strong until her end.

She tells about life story.



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