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Pretty Girl

The main characters include the following: Angie, the Slut (she submitted to the captor sexually to keep him happy and quiet), the Girl Scout (she was the one chained to the small room and who would cook and do the captor's work for him outside the bedroom), Angel (the male voice who was full of anger for being captured and treated as a prisoner against will), Angies parents also have a big role in the book as well as her old friends .

Main Characters

Pretty Girl-13Author: Liz Coley

Setting of the story



My opinion of pretty girl 13 it was unlike any book i've ever read before. It was a really dark and twisted book. Pretty Girl-13 was a reallly good read just because of the topics and subjects dealt with. I think if dark stories intrest you, then you should definitly read it.

The setting of the story is angies house, angies newschool, and flashbacks to he captors house.

Angie Chapman snuck off from her girl scout camping trip to go to thhe bathroom in the morning. Immediatley afterwords, she finds herself on the same block as her house. All shes holding is a nag of clothes that look like they belong to a stranger. Once she gets back to her house it turnsout that three years have passed, but with the help of a therapist and hypnosis, she realizes that she has various personalities in her head that helped keep her alive. Angie decides she must get rid of them. While going through all of this she also has to go back to her regular routine of school and mainitaining a regular life.



The climax of the story is when angie gets her surgery to remove the various personalities in her head.

Halee Kellam


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