Presidential Powers

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Presidential Powers

Presidential Roles

Excutive Order 13624Obama signed an executive order to accelerate investments in industrial energy efficiency.

Chief Executive

Has Command and Control of our nations military forces or significant elements of those forces

The president as chief citizen is supposed to be the face of the people, and represent his people as the popular leader. The president must be trustworthy and work for the public interest. The president must put the nations best interests above himself and one person or one group of people.

Executive Power to enfore and lead the nation.Law EnforcerAbility to issue EXECUTIVE ORDER: Directive, rule, or regulation that has effect of law.

The president power to influence Congress in its lawmaking. Presidents may urge Congress to pass new laws or veto bills that they do not favor.

Representative of the Nation. Runs and directs the 2-7 million government officials with a budget of $2.5 trillion a year. Annually meets with the VP, secretaries of Defence, state and security. and Joint Chief of Staff.

"Chief of Party" is one of the seven chief presidential roles, in which the U.S. president campaigns for political party members who have supported his policies and helps them get elected or appointed to office

Presidential power to recognize foreign governments and make bilateral or multilateral treaties / Policies

ExampleIn October 1983, the government of Grenada was overthrown and the island’s military assumed control. In response, President Reagan ordered American troops to invade. Several other Caribbean nations also sent troops. The invasion, conducted as a rescue mission, ensured the safety of about a thousand Americans on the island.

Chief Legislator

Chief Administer

Chief of Citizen

Chief of the Party

Chief Diplomat

Chief of State

As the American Chief of State, the president is a living symbol of the nation.

Commander in Chief

From September 5th to September 17th, 1978, Jimmy Carter met with President Anwar al-Sadat and Prime Minister Menachem Begin of Israel at the Presidential retreat, Camp David to negotiate a peace sttlement.

Panama Canal Treaty, Airline Deregulation Act, Alaska National Interest Lands Conservation Act

Chief Citizen Obama

An example of the President fulfilling his role as Chief of State is by welcoming many guests to the White House.

As Chief Administrator, President Obama has the power to control the nation's budget. This is a great example of the President's role as Chief Administrator because he is limiting the amount of money that is spent on abortions.

Examples of Responsibilities:Choosing leading party members to serve in the CabinetTraveling to California to speak at a rally for a party nominee to the U.S. Senate


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