Presidental Powers

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Social Studies
Politicians and Presidents

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Presidental Powers

Obama throwing the 1st pitch.

Role #5: Commander-In-Chief

Obama with armed forces.

Obama signing something into law

Obama addressing his party on a campaign.

Speech about the fiscal cliff.

Role #8: Guardian of the Economy

Obama with a Supreme Court Justice he appointed.

Obama and Putin

Role #4: Chief Diplomat

Role #3: Chief Administrator

Role #2: Chief Executive

Speech about excecutive order about immigration.

Role #1: Chief of State


Role #6: Chief Legislator

Role #7: Chief of the Party

Acts as a symbol of the United States, representing the country, but does not have any real power.

Carries out executive powers in constitutionand enforces/administers federal law.

Acts as a CEO to explain the laws and executive orders.

Conducts foreign policy and directs United States ambassadors.

Head of military and has power to direct and send troops places.

Main builder of public policy and decides congressional agenda.

Director of matters within his political party.

Monitors taxation, unemployment, and the welfare of the nation in general, where it comes to money.


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