President: William J. Clinton

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President: William J. Clinton

"It's the economy, stupid." James Carville summarized Clinton's message

William J. Clinton AKA Bill Clinton

By: Emily Kim


Hope, Arkansas


Hot Springs, Arkansas


Yale University



Election Day

After Presidency

-November 3, 1992, Bill Clinton was elected the 42nd president of the United States-served in office for 6 years.-Family and Medical Leave act of 1993-Unsuccessful in first year of presidency (health)-Republicans dominated both houses in 1994- In 1994, he signed the Violent Crime Control and Law Enforcement Act-Dropped crime rates, reduced welfare rolls, and lowest inflation-Haiti Fund, lots of charity-2004 wrote best-selliing book, my Life

-attended Hot Springs High School, All-white school-earned a invitation to meet John F. Kennedy-met Chairman of the Senate Foreign Relations Committee J. William Fulbright.- 1964, graduated and attended Georgetown University-LOVED politics-worked as a clerk under Senator Fullbright1968, graduated Georgetown and won a Rhode Scholarship to Oxford for 2 years; however, had to return to Arkansas of a draft and in the end went to Yale University

-Bill Clinton was born on August 19, 1946-Father, William Jefferson Blythe, died and left Clinton with his mother, Virginia Clinton-Mother left at 195o to earn degree in the medical field and Bill Clinton was left with his grandparents-grandparents thought education was important-Virginia Clinton came back with step-father-abusive, alcoholic-divorced 1962

I do what I am committed to.

2012 Democratic National Convention, Clinton showed support.-In November 2013, Clinton received a special award from President Barack Obama. Obama gave him the Presidental Medal of Freedom, which is the highest honor given to civilians.-On September 26, 2014, Clinton became a grandfather.

-met Hillary Rodham and graduated 1973 and married at 1975-In 1974, Bill Clinton fought Republican incumbent John Paul Hammerschmidt for his seat in the U.S. House of Representatives.-Clinton lost but he became famous-1978 at age 32 Clinton won Republican Lynn Lowe and became one of America's youngest governors-1980, born a daughter named Chelsea Clinton-ambitiously tried to reform state education and health-politcally unexperienced = wasnt a great governor-1992, defeated his competitors to be president and chose Al Gore to be his VP-George Bush was unpopular then

Bill Clinton is my favorite president because he was the one who helped improve peace throughout America and reduce inflation. If Bill Clinton hadn't been president America couldn't have been the America it is now. Also, Bill Clinton called for a national intiative to end racial discrimination



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