President Pennybaker

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President Pennybaker

Kendall Chase

Luke Pennybaker, a young boy, decides to run for president after he finds out that "life is not fair". His goal is to make everything fair, but being president isn't everything that it's cracked up to be. Luke goes through campaigning for the presidency and eventually becomes president; however, it proves to be too difficult a job for him.


President Pennybakerby Kate Feiffer

Civics- Luke Pennybaker runs for president. There is mention of the Democratic and Republican PartiesGeography- Luke campaigns in several different states including Colorado, New Jersy, and more.Culture- Luke starts off by asking to watch television, but has to do chores instead.


It allows students to think that there is not an age limit on Presidents. It also gives them an idea that dogs could hold a spot in the presidency as well. Neither of these are true. However, it encourages students to take leadership and stand for what they believe in.


Kid President


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