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President Obama1

Achievements-Passed Health Care Reform-Passed Wall Street Reform-Ended th war in Iraq-Elected for two terms-Age at Inauguration was 47 years old

President Obama

Background & Influences-Born in Honolulu, Hawaii on August 4, 1961-Graduated from Columbia Universtiy in 1983 & from Harvard Law School in 1991-Married to Michelle Robinson Obama-Father of Natasha & Malia Obama-Career prior to entering politics: *Chicago Director of Community Projects *Law & Government Fellow

Political Obstacles-National Immigration Policies-Gun Control -Battles with congressional Republicans-Economy boost and job loss

Campagin Strategies & Themes-Media targeting -Joe Biden debate strategy-Military focus during the convention -Cultural connection

Importance of preschool education for all!

"Inauguration Speech" President Bararck Obama

The first family!

President Obama and Vice President Joe Biden

First ladies of Washington DC

We support our TROOPS!



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