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Presentation on Andre Marie Ampere

Andre Marie Ampere, was a French Physicist and a mathematician. He Also spent quite alot of time reading in his library(at home). Andre had a strong passion for maths which his father encouraged him to reach that goal. At a very young age, Andre began to show his talent out by presenting his paper of constructing a line of the same length as an arc of a circle to Academie de Lyon. Although the paper was not published. Andre took lessons in the differential and integral calculus from a monk. Which after some time he began to study the works of Euler and Bernoulli. He also owned a copy of the 1788 edition of Lagrange’s Mecanique analytique, which he studied as well. Sadly, in 1836, Ampere had passed away.


1775-Born1797-Maths tutor1799-Married1809-professor of maths1820- discovered electromagnetism1836-Died

Throughout Amperes life, he had many goals which he may have succeeded in. Some of these may be:-Becoming a Professor of Maths at Bourg École Centrale-Chosen as a professor of physics and chemistry at Bourg École Centrale-He was employed as a tutor -He found electromagnetism-Admitted to the Academy of Science-Elected a Foreign Member of the Royal Society-appointed a foreign member of the Royal Swedish Academy of Science

Lasting Impact

Until this day, Ampere is known for the founder of electromagnetism. He caused a great impact and without it science would not make sense.


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Andre Marie Ampere

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- Andre's life had turned out to be quite tragic-The French Revolution which started in 1789, had a great impact on his life- In 1797 he was engaged to a woman name: Julie although after their wedding day, she sadly died- He then set off the get remarried, although it resulted in a separation within about a year- It is said that Ampere had never really had a gotten over all the trauma happenings in his past