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John S- Langston Hughes: Born in 1902. Was african american. Published his first poem in 1921. Came apart of the harlem renaissance. He wrote more than 60 books, poems, novels, playwrites, childrens books etc. Inspired many writer and his poems and storys encouraged poeple to read more. Kaylee- Robert Frost: Grew up in San Fransico. Was a poet. At 87 he delivered poem to the ignaguration of JFK. He impacted the future because they lived on because they were so amazing and inspiring and we stilll read them today in class. Molly- Charles Sheeler and Pablo Picasso: I loved the movie that she made it was AMAZING. Pablo Picasso had 23 word name.Was an amazing aritst Charles Sheeler group she was involved in was the presishenists. Impacted the future to a new kind of art.John I- Gangsters: Was a group of people who made a plan on how they are going to rob people and banks. Used brass nuckles. Impacted today because we still have this equipment today. Steven- Rocket and Lie Detector: The rocket was invented by Robert Goddard. The lie detector was invented by John Larson in California.The lie detector was very effective. Impacted today because we still use them today.Kyle- Louis Armstrong: Did bad stuff as a kid. Became a very popular jazz musiciaan, When The Saints go Marching In, and What a wonderful world, are songs he wrote. Started a couple bands. Impacted today because his songs are still around today.Mansur- Al-Capone: He was in a gang. He started off as a club bouncer. Francesca- Dance: Mainly used to take peoples minds off the war. We still have the waltse and tango now. Popular dances were the waltse tango the fox trot. Used dane for entertainment. Impacted the fututre because dance started here and lived on.Liz- Traffic Lights and Lie Detector: Invented both in the 1920s.Hannah- Henry Ford: Invented model T and the essembley line. Created the Ford Motors company. Impacted today because his cars are still around today.Caroline- Fashion: Fashioned changed since the war was over. Corsetts and bussels were out. Flapper dresses were in. Impacted today because our fashioned wouldn't have changed. Allie- Bessie Smith: Sang songs about poverty so people could relate to them.Davey-Scott Joplin: They use his popular music in movies today and anything else.Chance- Babe Ruth: Babe shows you cant just pick up baseball. Impacted today because he showed how good someone could be at baseball.Cole- Prohibition: Prohibiton was the 18th amendment. Religious groups pushed for it. Crime went up during prohibiton. Prohibition made gangsters come about and did a lot for them. The impact that this caused today was that the government knows now not to ban stuff again.Lily-Ella Fitzgerald: Was born in April. Both parents died when she was young. At 17 she debuted her jazz music at apalo theater. Wrote a tisket a tasket which got her on the road to success. Was the first lady of song. Affected impacted us today because jazz music came a live to women and her songs impacted the kids in the future and still around today.Jack- Ku Klux Klan: Did bad stuff to people who weren't white and christian (mostley blacks). They still rally today. It started in the South. Sig- FBI: Charles Bonaprarte invented to FBI. FBI stands for federal bereau investigation. Impacted today because they handle the bad gangs and drugs and bad things.Cara-Duke Ellington: Ellington was a gifted piano player. Started his own band. Performed at night clubs. Impacted today because he brought a new level of style to jazz. He was very talented.


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