presentation EVO 2018

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presentation EVO 2018

1) the way it started


- Assessing became a crucial interest in my everyday work because- students did not seem to learn through assessment- I wanted to make assessing effective: through it, students can learn more and better



2) methods I used


B - Interview - colleagues

C - Questionnaire - students

A - Self-reflection


- what's effective assessment, according to my opinion? - why doesn't it help my sts to learn? - what can I do to make it more effective?



Qsts: 1) What do you think effective assessment is?2) How do you make it effective?

3) data collection


- notes - keywords - students' answers

5) what I found

4) analysis


qualitative - themes

quantitative - see the link at the top of the poster (on the right)

A - My students and I have similar ideas about effective assessment (1), while my colleagues have slightly different views (2). 1) Effective assessment pushes sts to learn more and commit more (highly motivational).2) Effective assessment must include the 4 skills and the "human" side. Students' commitment and their following improvement look irrelevant in this definition.

B - According to the data analysis, assessment is effective when:see the link at the top of the poster(on the right)

stick to these findings and repeat the questionnaire based on future task/experience

analysing qualitative data & making them a solid basis to plan action

7) next step...

6) difficulties:


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