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Present English

Indica una acción que se está desarrollando en ese momento.

We use the Present Perfect Continuous to show that something started in the past and has continued up until now. "For five minutes," "for two weeks," and "since Tuesday" are all durations which can be used with the Present Perfect Continuous.

Presents English

Simple Present



present perfectsimple


expresses an action that is still going on or that stopped recently, but has an influence on the present. It puts emphasis on the result.For irregular verbs, use the participle form (see list of irregular verbs, 3rd column). For regular verbs, just add “ed”.

se forma con el presente del auxiliar 'to be' y el gerundio del verbo que se quiere conjugar

Se forma en inglés con el infinitivo del verbo sin 'to' (forma básica) para todas las personas.

I playYou playHe playsWe playYou playThey play

I am reading a book / Helen is phoning a friend/jhon is smoking at home

I am going to Barcelona tomorrow.I am having breakfast now and it's nine o'clock.

puts emphasis on the resultExample: She has written five letters.

present perfectcontinuo

Examples: You have been waiting here for two hours.Have you been waiting here for two hours?You have not been waiting here for two hours.


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