Prescription Drugs

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Prescription Drugs

Different prescription drugs have different effects on the human body and mind. If you abuse any prescription drug it can affect your heartbeat, body temperature, coordination, and speech. Opioids, a certain class of prescription drugs, can cause drowsiness, nausea, and slowed breathing to the body. It can cuase metal confusion on the mind. Prescription drugs can affect you in many ways if they are not taken properly.

Prescription Drugs

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Prescription Drugs-a drug that can be dispensed to the public only with an order given by a properly authorized person

Even though there are dangers in prescription drugs, there are many benefits if people use these prescriptions properly.These drugs can:1. Ease away pain from the body2. Relieve harsh symptoms quickly3. Provide a better quality of life for people, because some disorders can only be treated with prescriptions.

It depends on how long a prescription drug lasts. There are many different types but most of them would last up to 12 hours or 24 hours. Effects can even las up to 2 days. There are many dangers that a prescription can cause, For example it can cause...-choking -slow breathing -really bad bone pain-seziuers -Irregular heartbeat

-100+ years ago laudanum, a mixture of opium and alcohol & morphine, painkiller, were created as one of earliest forms of prescription drugs-1914 Harrison Narcotic Tax Act required prescription drugs to be prescribed by doctors-According to 2009 National Drug Use & Health survey ⅓ of people age 12 & over who used drugs for first time used prescription drugs non-medically -about 20% of US population over age 12 used prescription drugs for non-medical reasons during their lifetime-According to National Institute on Drug Abuse 3 classes of prescription drugs used:1. Opioids used to treat pain2. Central nervous system depressants used to treat anxiety and sleep disorders3. Stimulants used to treat attention deficit disorder & narcolepsy (a sleep disorder)

Short-term effects-Pain emotionally and physically.-Blood pressure can raise and lower.-Being violent, panic and confused at times.-Loss of appetite.-You can be tired from different sleep patterns will occur.Long-term effects-you depth perception can change, you could put other peoples’ lives in danger like car crashes you might not see a car coming by you and you run right into them.-Your brain, liver and kidneys can be damaged and you have a higher hazard of them failing.-You could have a risk of getting diseases that could harm you.

The Benefits!

People that abuse prescription drugs are at a high risk of becoming addicted.One out of five people become addicted to prescription drugs.The reasons why people may become addicted are:1. Pain killers stimulate the areas of the brain that perceive pleasure2. Because of this, people get a sense of well being when they abuse it




Short and Long Term

The Mind and Body

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