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Teachers can:Model, calm, positive behavior. (Krogh, 2013)Have clean and simple and stated expectations. Help support play ahead, Pre-teach and teach different positive interactions: Solutions Kit:Provide Options of materials Ample space for playingEncourage student’s attempts Celebrate successes Encourage friendships

Clean and concise expectations. Redirection: Focus on the positive Pre-teach: Setting up expectations and tasks. "Today we are going…"


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It's all about Pre-teach, Teach and Re-teach, when it comes to Preschoolers:Preschool children are always learning. They are learning that they have emotions and the others may have other feelings. They have little sense of cause and effect (Krogh, 2013). Preschoolers should be supported by caregivers to building self-regulation skills. We can teach them through experiences in the classroom.

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