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Social Studies

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[2014] archea01: Preschooler Profile

Project 1Preschooler Profile

-Sad-Happy-Mad-Frustrated-Crying -Three year olds begin to should individuality. -Four year olds are continuing to learn different emotions and learn that different situations require different emotions. -Five year olds are creative and problem solvers

Social Development

Physcial Development

Emotional Development

Cognitive Development

-Three year olds begins to play make believe. -Four year olds have an increased desire in learning math concepts. -Four year olds approach things with great curiosity and imagination to help them understand things.-Five year olds begin to sort objects by color and shape. -The language skills are increasing rapidly.

-Three year olds begin to understand "mine"and "his/ hers"-Four and five year olds use adults as trusted role models. -Four and five year olds continue to gain understandings of feelings. -They start to learn coping strageties.

-Jumping-Running-Walking-Riding a tricycle-Three year olds begin to get very well at climbing. -Four year olds like long periods of active play and exercise.-Five year olds are able to bend over without falling.



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