Preschool Years

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Social Studies

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Preschool Years

By age 4Milestones*Can manipulate objects to build something during constructive play with others(Feldman, 2012, p.254)*Can see the world from other's perspective (Feldman, 2012, p.256)*Can demonstrate aggression (Feldman, 2012,p.264)*Play with others with small conflcit (Preschool Plan It, 2015)*Can ask for help when needed (Preschool Plan It, 2015)

By age 4Milestones*Can use a computer (Feldman, 2012, p.240)*Can identify at least 4 colors (Preschool Plan It, 2015)*Have not mastered conservation (Feldman, 2012, p.221)*Can carry out simple addition and sub. problems by counting (Feldman, 2012, p.225)*Can rote count to 10 (Preschool Plan It, 2015)


By age 4Milestones*Can throw a ball with accuracy (Feldman, 2012, p.211)*Can print their name with a crayon (Feldman, 2012, p.212)*Can pedal a bike or tricycle around (Preschool Plan it, 2015)*Can hop on one foot without help (Preschool Plan It, 2015)*Can learn to cut with scissors (Preschool Plan It, 2015)

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Social and Personalitydevelopment

ReferencesFeldman, R. (2012). Child development (6th ed.). Boston, MA: Pearson Education, Inc.Preschool Plan It. (2015). Developmental Milestones for Preschoolers.Retrieved from, B., J. (2004). Piaget's theory of cognitive and affective development, (5th ed.). Boston MA: Pearson Education, Inc.

Facts*children grow steadily during preschool years (feldman, 2012, p.198)*boys and girls become less chubby and start the get more slender (Feldman, 2012,p.199)*Preshoolers need less food to main tain their weight (Feldman, 2012, p.203)*Preschoolers greatest risk are accidents (Feldman, 2012, p.204)*Preschool skills are more refined as they gain greater muscle control (Feldman, 2012, p.211)

Facts*Has general sense of time.*Preschoolers thinking is concrete.*Have a sense of what is real and not real.

Facts*Becoming interested in playing with others.*can make a distinction about who they want to play with.*

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