Preschool Years

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Preschool Years

Social/Emotional MilestonesDresses and undresses selfPlays make-believeCooperates with other childrenLIkes to sing, dance, and actIs aware of gender(CDC, 2014, p. 8-10).

Physical Milestones:Runs with easeHops up to 10 secondsCatches a bounced ball most of the timeClimbs & swingsCan use the toilet on their own(CDC, 2014, p. 8-10).

Cognitive MilestonesUnderstands what two meansDoes puzzles with 3-4 piecesStarts to understand timeCounts to 10 or moreCan print some letters or numbers(CDC, 2014, p. 8-10).

Did you know?*By 5 years old, the brain already weighs 90% of that of an adult brain (Feldman, 2011, p.199).*Boys tend to be stronger, but girls tend to be more coordinated (p. 211).*Fast mapping is the process that children use to quickly process & associate new words (p. 231).*The average preschooler in the U.S. watches more than 21 hours of t.v. per week (p. 240).*Parenting styles affect children's behavior (p. 258).

Try this: have your child act out a story that is being read (Let's move!Child Care, n.d.).

I, Jodi Simpson, grant permission to freely publish this page.

Preschool Years

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