Preschool Years

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Preschool Years

Preschool Years

3-6 years old


I, Amanda Sparks, grant permission to freely publish this page

Child can:-Walk up and down stairs alternating feet-Pedal a tricycle-Hop and Run-Dress themselves-Balance on one foot

Child can:-Begin to name colors and numbers-Ask 'why' questions-Draws a body with 2-4 parts-turn book pages one at a time-plays make believe

Cognitive Development

Child can:-begin to show empathy-be both aggressive and cooperative-yearn for independence-take turns- copy adults and friends

Social/Emotional Development

Physical Development


Activities to do with Preschoolers:*make paperbag puppets for a pretend play*read stories and predict what will happen next*in order to develop the concept of time practice using a calendar; for example child can learn the year, month, and days of the week (see video)

Independent Child led Calendar Time

-child learns through play and exploration-rapidly growing vocabulary-very active-needs frequent praise to build self esteem and self image-needs clear and simplerules

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