Preschool Assessing

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Preschool Assessing

It is agreed that in order for early childhood assessment to have an impact on positively shaping a child's future education, the test must be age appropriate and fit to a wide variety of ethnic groups( Munson, 1996). They also need to be able to have different users use them and get the same results (Zimmerman, 2005).

Assessing Young children such as Infants toddlers and preschoolers may seem extreme, but it can help catch developmental delays (Cowden, 1995)! With early intervention strategies children can catch up from their delays. Assesments help children get the services that they need so that they can catch up.

Some may argue to the appropriatness of Early childhood assessment for children under the age of 5. It is appropriate, but we need to make sure that the assessments are effective (Munson, 1996). Catching Developmental delays early greatly increases a chilld ability to learn later in life and their sucess in later education pursuits (Cowden, 1995).

Preschool Assessments: Too Early?

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Test Effectiveness

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