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Find the prepositions!

Conjunctions can be used to join sentences by adding a comma (,) in front of the conjunction. You can also combine sentences using a semi-colon (;).

Prepositional Phrases: start with a preposition and end with the object of the prepositionEx: over the rainbowObject of the Preposition:the noun/pronoun that shows the relationship to the locationUsing Above Ex: rainbow

coordinating conjuctions (aka: FANBOYS)

PREPOSITION:shows location in time or space, directional

Can you win the war of interjections?

Spice up your writing with interjections!

CONJUNCTION:joins ideas, words, phrases, and sentences

INTERJECTION:shows emotion or manners, usually followed by , or !

Review, Practice, & Apply all there is to know about prepositions, conjunctions, and interjections using the links below!

correlative conjunctions (aka: partners)



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