prenatal devlopment

by kimberann
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prenatal devlopment

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Atypical Development:1. Abnormal Chormosomes: This is when the cells during formation do not split accuratly causing a fetus to have more or less than needed.2. Psychosocial stress; can cause a fetus to have a delayed heart rate, and also an impeded central nervous system devlopment.

Physical Development Milestones 1. Baby's heart beats at six months 2. Baby's genitals, hair, nails and vocal cords develop between 11and 16 weeks


Cognitive Milestones

18 weeks the baby develops movement19 weeks your baby can hear sounds coming from outside of the womb.27 weeks your baby starts to breath in and out.

Social Emotional development: A fetus can start feeling and recognizing different emotions at sixth month of pregnancy. If a mother is stressed this affects a baby's development

Prenatal Development



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