Prenatal Development

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Human Anatomy

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Prenatal Development

Prenatal development

A timeline from conception to birth

Time Line

Week 4

The baby is now an embryo

Week four- Week nineThe embryonic period begins, the baby's heart begins to beat, fingers and toes form, and movement begins.

Week 10- Week 15Neurons begin to form, the baby's sex becomes apparent, hormones gear up, and skin begins to form.

Week 26- Week 36The baby's eyes open, bones become fully developed, reproductive development continues, downy hair falls off, baby detects light, the protective coating gets thicker baby can suck.Week 37- birth The baby is now full term. The baby becomes rounder and organ functions continue to improve, like the nervous system. The placenta provides anitbodies for the baby that will protect it for six months. Soon after, the baby if born

Week 16- Week 20fat accumulates, the baby begins to hear, a pasty white coating covers the baby, and the baby reaches the halfway point of development

Week 21- Week 25The baby's taste buds develop, the lungs prepare to be outside the womb, the inner ear develops, the baby's hands are now fully developed

Week 1- Week 3The egg and the sperm are fertilized and become a zygote. The zygote is implanted and begins to divide

Week 10

the embryo is now a fetus

Week 16

facial expressions are possible

Week 25


The baby is almost fully developed

The baby is born!


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