Premature Birth

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Premature Birth

Premature Birth

Premature birth- is when a new born is born early.How is premature bith related to prenatal development? Being born early means you will not be fully developed at birth so many things like your size or reflexes may be affected.Who's impacted? The baby and the parents.

Facts*The baby will have to go through many differnt test*Babies born before the 37th week during pregnancy are considered premature babies*Many premature babies have breathing problems

Educating It's importent to be educated of premature birth because it can have serious impacts on certain people. One in every ten people are born prematurly, And it cost a lo of money to run differnt test and help these babies.

Symptoms*Small size, large head*Fine hair*Low body temps*Lack of reflexes

Treatment*Being placed in an incubater*Feeding tube*Receiving a blood transfusion

Finacial Implications*All of the born Premature babies cost $26.2 billion in 2007

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Prevention*There ae no known ways to completely prevent

I was born prematurly* I was born at 36 weeks*I ended up having almost none of the usual problems premature babies have


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