Premature Birth

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Premature Birth

Sharper looking, less rounded features than a full-term baby's features, due to a lack of fat storesFine hair (lanugo) covering much of the bodyLow body temperature, especially immediately after birth in the delivery room, due to a lack of stored body fatLabored breathing or respiratory distressLack of reflexes for sucking and swallowing, leading to feeding difficulties

Mothers withdiabetesheart diseasekidney diseasehigh blood pressure>>>>>>>>>>while pregnant poor nutrition preceding and during pregnancysmoking during pregnancycocaine or amphetamine use during pregnancy

Premature Birth

What is Premature Birth?Premature Birth~ when baby is born 3 or more weeks before the full 9 months!DiagnosisWhen baby is born before the final week... Not fully developed may have some breathing complications

Family inpactWhen almost loseing your child it can be devistating .Many familys will be sad or even depressed due to not being able to bring them home with them and knowing they have to stay at the hospital. But they will also be happy to know that there child is getting proper care!


"In the first days and weeks of the baby’s life, hospital care will focus on supporting and enhancing vital organ development. It may be weeks or months before the baby will be able to live without medical support. The newborn will first be kept in a temperature-controlled incubator. Monitoring equipment will track the baby’s heart rate, breathing, and blood oxygen levels."

What is the cure & treament?

This is a Incubator


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