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Social Studies

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Ice Age


By: Shariva A. Pradhan


The cavemen lived while the Pleistocene Epoch was taking place 200,000 to 300,000 taking shelter in caves and living a simple life.

The first hunters used plain wooden sticks made into spears. Then they started using stone tops sometime between 500,000 to 300,000 years ago.


While the Mesozoic Era, dinosaurs lived on the Earth.The first dinosaurs were small meat eating animals that first arose over 200 million years ago. The largest animals first formed were dinosaurs. The first dinosaur discovered was the Megalosaurus.

People don't know the first dinosaur that ever lived. They think there was an animal before the dinosaurs, and it was as big as a bear. Some dinosaurs had babies but soon the extinction of the dinosaurs happened and they never got to grow up.

Some people think extintion was from drought, some think it was from a meteor and some think it was from a volcano.The earliest living organisms were microscopic bacteria.They soon became tiny creatures like lizards, dragonflies and sea turtles which soon made dinosaurs.

Basic stone tools were used to hunt animals about 2.6 million years ago. Most scientists believe early humans were hunters.

The Ice Age is a part of a continuing drop in the temperature of Earth's surface and sky. It is the increase of land, ice sheets and mountain glaciers. There have been about 11 different ice ages that have happened in the Earth's lifetime.

The latest ice age was called “The Great Ice Age”. It occurred around 11,000 years ago. While the “Great Ice Age” was going on, more than a third of the Earth was covered with ice. The air had just a little carbon dioxide within it.

About 10,000 years ago, the earth began to heat up and the ice started to melt. As the ice melted it created lakes and valleys, rocks and soil. The only ice that was still there was up high in the mountains. The glaciers that are here today are what is left over from the latest ice age.


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