Prehistoric Period

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Prehistoric Period

velociraptor(velo-ci-raptor)velociraptors are very smart creatures and love to hunt in packs to reach there prayit is as big as a can't trust a velosiraptor because they hunt in packs so you do not suspect

t-rex(tye-RAN-oh-SAWR-us-recks) The t-rex is very famous today from its big teeth the size of bananas.t-rexs are about the size of a two storey house.They had very small hands that did not come in very handy. but the teeth defintly did.

Prehistoric Period

the word spinosarus means spiny lizard it was a carnivor and a Piscivore which means it eats fishit is 4.9 meters high and 13.3 meter lenghtit is bigger than the t rex and the giganotosaurusit gets hot very easyly and uses it blood to cool it off


Mosasaurus(mosa-saur-us)The word mosasaurus mean Meuse Lizard.It was a massive canovorise machine and loved to eat great white sharksIt was a massive length of 22 meters it roamed the ocean sea about 70-65 million years agoit weighted 15 tons

triceratops(tric-era-tops)the word triceratops means three horned beast it diet is a herbivore and loves to eat leaves and bushesit was 3 meters high and 10 meters long they are born in a egg insead of alivethey roam north america in packs or herds


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