Prehistoric Life

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Prehistoric Life


TimePeriodsCambrain(paleozoic)-Explosion of diffrent body plans Paleozoic- creatures rule the seven seas and take to the land Triassic-reptiles,marine reptiles,insects,pterosaurs ,mammals and dinos appear.Jurassic-Large population of big and small dinos appear.Cretaceous-The true giants appear and rule the prehistoric world.

Evolotionary familiesArchosuars-ruling reptilesornithodairans-Archosuars related to birdsornithischians-Bird hippedsaurischians-lizard hippedtheropods-carnovours

pterodacytls are not dinos because they evolved differently but they did have a common ancestor.Also pterodactyl is a common term to reference to the pterodon and the pterodactylus

The dimetrodon is also confused as a dino but is actuaully a part of the Sphenacodontidae family

The therizinosaurus has 6ft long claws,scientists thought it was a rib cage

The titanosaur was one of the largest saroupods ever.A new largest fossil of one was recently found

This also a shocker but marine creatures like the mosasaurus was not a dino but simply a mariene reptile

You know dinos and reptiles wernt the only giant creatures the Arthropleura was a centepede that was the size of a car.

Contrary to popular belief the dilophosuar dose not have a frill and is much larger

The Trex isnt actually the largest carnivorous dino, the Spinosaurus is almost twice his size.

Though irealistic this is one of my favorite dino scenes

we study paleontology to learn from the past to answerquestions about the present and future.Such as how muchof the population will will die ina large metor strike or how will we and other creatures survive the global heating and the possible purrsuing ice age after


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