Prehistoric Egyptian Medicine

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Prehistoric Egyptian Medicine

Prehistoric and Egyption Medicine

People lived in harsh land so if a person got an ilness, they could be a mager burrden for other people around them. Usualy there was an elder that learned and knew about herbs to use for situations. Not all of the time would the herbs work but everyone relied on them for pain. Most of the people believed tat the cure first had to come inside of you first and acknoleging ]the situation at hand. Aboriginal medicane says that the immune system can usually stand the virus or bacteria.

A person was not considered cured untill the doctor has applied the underlying problem that have led to the disease. If someone broke a lmb, the Aboriginal doctor reset the brake, making a splint from the bark of a tree. He bound sphagnum moss around the limb with the bark of the bootlace bush or ( mirrdturrain) a fresh cut sheet of bark form thin flexable eucalyptus tree that was wrapped around the limb to make sure it was okay. Minor burns were treated with bark form a tree (the acacia tree). It was layed in cold water then the urn immersed in water. The bark held a suvstance called tannin, which would allow or be a trigger to make skin grwon cround a burn.

Serevere bleeding from wounds cold be life thretening. Bacteria in wounds could cause a lot including gangrene or tetanus,which rapilu lead to death. Diseases such as anthroax or rabies could be caught from animals. Diseases could develop from eating raw or uncooked meat. Every diseases didn't involve ust people it efected the animals to because they had to walk with the heards. stopping on a trip for one person ment a shortage of food. People would leave each other behind for sagy and welll being for others.

Amonotept was the 1st person to start open surgery. He learnedhow to help people from the mumficationprocess.The Aboriginal doctor or (mediine man) looked at the social, environent, psychological and spiritural needs of people. People had to travel very long distances to see a doctor because of the very low population of the Aboriginal's. Training people in Aboriniginal medicine can take 20-30 years. In south eastern Australia, Aboriginal peoples had hospitals so people knew where to find doctors. Hospitals where permanent structures where the doctor could look after the "sick" the aged wo could no longer kepp up with their community hen it moved from place to place or disabled. Hinting and gathering lead to serious health problems. Hunting lead to injuries involved with bites, cuts, broken bones,which was fatal.

This picture showes somone making medicine to give to someone.

A doctor is checking someone to see whats wrong with them in this picture.

This pictures shows a doctor treateing somone through the eye.

This picure shows doctors giving someone medicine.

This picture shows a doctor getting ready to give someone medicine.

This picture shows all the spices they used to treat people.

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