Pregnancy Prevention

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Pregnancy Prevention

The PatchA lightweight, thin, flexible patch, consisting of three layers. Each patch lasts seven days, and can be applied to the skin of the buttock, abdomen, upper torso, or the outside of the upper arm.

Ways to Prevent PregnancyBy Ashley Skabronski

Contraceptive ImplantsA single implant inserted into the upper arm. Gives off small amounts of a hormone that are similar to the progesterone a woman's body produces during the last two weeks of each monthly cycle.

Injectable ContraceptiveA shot given every three months. The hormone stops the woman's ovaries from releasing an egg.

CondomPut onto the penis. Prevents body fluids from mixing during sex. Effective in preventing HIV and most STI's.

Combined Oral Contraceptive PillsPills containing two horomones, estrogen and progestrin. They stop ovulation and inhibit the movement of sperm.

The RingA small ring placed in the vagina once a month for three weeks. Releases hormones that keep eggs from leaving the ovaries.

AbstinenceChoosing not to have sex. The only way to get 100% protection from HVI, STIs, and pregnancy.


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