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The Predicta:There are no cracks or burns on the screen or the case. It is one of the better cases I have seen. It has been polished as has the screen.The knobs are all there and working. The UHF knob on the side lights up and turns. I hook it up with a 75 ohm adapter to watch cable and dvds. The picture fills the entire screen and is bright.Nothing is corroded. The brass parts were professionally refinished and the electronics were rebuilt and upgraded about two years ago by a local professional. All the parts are there with the exception of a foot pad. This is also the only place with a is on the foot, not the cabinet. (see photo)Everything is as it was and it runs very well. I took as much care as I could in restoring this and it helped that it was in exceptional shape whan I got it. As with anything over 50 years old an electrionic, It is tough to guarantee the life of it but I have used it sporadically for two years with no problems. Please look at the pictures and see if you have other questions.Doug

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