Precambrian Time

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Social Studies

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Precambrian Time

Later Climate:It's above FreezingMake sure to your coats it's chilly. Bring those hats and gloves to keep your fingers on your hands. Burr!

Precambrian flora and fauna perished during the Precambrian Time

Want a vintage vacation? Precambrian Time started 4.5 billion years ago. Ended 544 million years ago

Watch the life forms:Cyanobacteria, Muti-celled organisms,Anicroscopic bacteria

Pass through theHadean, Archean, Proterozoic Eons!

Precambrian TimeBy: Megan, Alicia, Aidan, and Derek

See the earth form a supercontinent (Rodinia), watch oxygen form the atmosphere, and witness oceans form

Relaxing time by yourself!

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Early Climate:Woah! Watch your step, lava seems to be all that the earth is made up of.Want that summer tan? You'll be sure to have the best tan around!

No need to worry about those pesky insectsbothering while you relax...THERE WERE NONE!


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