Precalculus:Trigonometric Functions

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Precalculus:Trigonometric Functions

Precalculus: Sections 4.5-4.8; Trigonometric Functions

VocabularyDamping Factor- The factor Ae^-at in an equation such as y-Ae^-at cos btInverse Sine Function- The fuction y=sin^-1x; denoted as arcsine of x and inverse sine of xInverse Cosine- The function y=cos^-1x; denoted as arccosine of x and inverse cosine of xInverse tangent function-The function y=tan^-1x; denoted as arctangent of x and inverse tangent of xAngle of elevation- The acute angle formed by the line of sight (upward) and the horizontalAngle of deprssion- The acute angle formed by the line of sight (downward) and the horizontalSove Algebraically- Use an algebraic method with no calculator or grapher use. Simple Harmonic Motion- Motion described by d = asinwt Frequency- Reciprical of the period of the sinusoid

As a ferris wheel rotates, a sinusoid is generated as a plot of the angle of rotation from the vertical vs. the height of a (particular) car above the ground.

Real WorldApplications

A pilot uses trigonometry through the angle of depression to determine the distance to stand descending to land on the runway.

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