Preamble U.S Constituion

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Preamble U.S Constituion

US Constitution Preamble GLOG Grade 7

A More Perfect Union

When the preamble states the sentence "in order to form a more perfect union," I believe what they mean is in order to form a better union (United States) there are certain steps we must take to make it to the pinnacle of the United States's upmost potential.

In this phrase of the preamble "establish justice," in regards to forming a more perfect union, one of those steps we must take is to establish justice. One example of how we have established justice in our past is abolishing slavery, forming a proper government and breaking away from the King of England. A few examples of this are trials, U.S Constitution, and the Supreme Court System.

When the preamble states the phrase "insure domestic tranquility," in order to promise safety and make the U.S more of an appealing and safer place to live, allowing people to live without fear. A few ways that is insured today is by EMS, S.W.A.T, National/Coast guards, RedCross and Government Projects.

Blessing of Liberty

Ensure Domestic Tranquility

Help us form a more perfect union!

Establish Justice

In this phrase of the preamble "common defense," I think that means to properly defend our country so the citizens of the United States can live in their domain with peace and very few worries. Common defense helps protect the United States and/or very important figures. Some examples of common defense are the army, AirForce, Marine Corps, Navy, the C.I.A, Coast Guard and the Pentagon.

Provide Common Defense

Promote General Welfare

In this phrase of the preamble "promote the general welfare," means to help the health of the people such as smoking problems, or drug addictions. And other things that can inflict pain and damage health to people around you (not just yourself) is texting while driving and bullying. And one way the U.S promotes general welfare is by puttng up ads against all of these things.

By "secure the blessings of liberty," I think that means to know your rights or they can be taken away from you. Some examples of this is like knowing the Constitution, the Bill of Rights, Declaration of Independence, the Statue of Liberty, the bald eagle, the liberty bell, the Emancipation Proclomation/the 13th Amendment. These are all examples of our liberty.


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