Pre-WWII: Rise of the Dictators

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World War II

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Pre-WWII: Rise of the Dictators

Pre WWII: Rise of the Dictators

Before Mussolini took power Italy was filled with corruption and violence. Mussolini’s party, the fighting fascists, gained support by the Italian people. Mussolini wanted to make Italy a bigger and stronger nation. During Mussolini’s dictatorship, the Italian military grew in size and strength and it finally developed a name for itself in Europe. Mussolini wanted to take away some land from the French and add it to Italy. Similar to Hitler, Mussolini had a secret police force that would control his opponents. Mussolini’s secret police arrested many people and sentences some to death.

Germany was in a state of depression and the moral of the country was poor. The Germans elected him as dictator because there was no other hope. He wanted to recover all the items that Germany lost in WWI. Hitler brought Germany’s military to get form and immensity. Hitler wanted to get all the lands taken away from Germany in WWI. He wanted their population to expand Hitler has a secret police force that would control his opponents. Hitler killer 6 million Jews and other nationalities in concentration camps

Benito Mussolini

Hideki Tōjō

Adolf Hitler

Hideki Tojo began as a Japanese General. He then after rose to spot of dictator of Japan and famously authorized the attack on Pearl Harbor, which brought America into World War II. Following the War, Tojo was charged with serveral Japanese War Crimes and was sentenced to death.

"Rise of the Dictators" Video

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