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Pre-writing is the first stepping stone in the writing process. It supports literacy in the fact that all ideas are created during this phase of the writing process. Most of the things that will be involved in the writing will be from the pre-writing stage.

Where it all begins...


Hinderance to Literacy One of the only problems I can think of that might come up during the pre-writing stage would be spelling issues. Many of you know what you want to write but may have trouble writing it. This is where a teacher can assist you or you could even draw pictures to brainstorm your ideas! You may also have trouble writing and sounding out words. This is where the computer sticky notes may come into use.

Pre-writing is the most important part of writing because that is where it all begins. Pre-writing encompasses determining the audience, layout, topic, and details of the writing. This would be the section where the wheels start turning and you begin to jot down ideas about what you want to write about.

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Who? What? Where?When? Why?

Above: 2 activities that would assist in completing the pre-writing stage of writing.Below: A technology device to assist in the pre-writing stage would be sticky notes. Students could copy and paste to there so that the teacher could help them summarize their ideas later if they had trouble writing. They would need to make sure they cite where each bit of information comes from thought to avoid plagiarism.


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